Church Registrations - Register a Ministry in South Africa 

New church/ministry registration online -Register a new church or ministry in South Africa with, for only R1 199.00 you get a church non-profit certificate, memorandum of incorporation and the church name reserved for your church all inclusive from this amount. It is Easy to register your church or ministry using our online non-profit application form. Within a month you can get your new NPO/NPC church certificate.

NPO Church registrations, don’t know how to register your church or ministry, simply use our Online Church Form easy as that.

We offer church registrations under the act of section 21 known as section 21 companies. Non-profit companies can be referred to churches as they are not for personal gain but to socially unite. NPCs are entities that are set up to help people, protect the environment or to lobby for some good cause. They include churches, charity organisations and cultural organisations. The primary objective of an NPC is to benefit the public, not to make profit.

Church formation in South Africa

Church formation in South Africa can be registered in two ways. These types of registrations are known as NPO (non-profit organisation) and NPC (non-profit company). Both entities are the same as they serve the same purpose but the registrations procedure is different and both operate from different registration bodies which are known as social development and CIPC as recognized under the corporate law and corporate governance in South Africa.

Why should I register a church/ministry in South Africa?

It is very important to register your church so that you can be legally recognised as registered entity mainly in South Africa. Some of the other facts of registering your church are as follows. 

  • Name Reservation –is used to protect the church/ministry identity. A church may see registration as a way of protecting its name from being used or misused by others. This gives the right to a registered church to prevent other church organisations from using the church's name unlawfully.
  • Entity Registration number – you will get your own unique registration number allocated for your church/ministry
  • Opening of Banks accounts – This will make it easy to open business bank accounts for your congregation when the business is registered as recognised non-profit entity.
  • Tax exemption – Registered NPO/NPC Organisations that are approved for tax-exemption after applying through SARS will only enjoy preferential tax treatment.
  • Branding purposes – with a church registered and a name identified and reserved it can make it easy to brand your church in order to create awareness and feasibility. Should your church need branding assistance we can help just simply contact us for more information we will be ready to assist.

How to register a church or Ministry in South Africa

How to start a church simply apply by using our easy online church registration form (NPO but before you can proceed with the online registration form you must have the following details ready to complete the online non-profit company registration form.

Church Registration Requirements  

·        Come up with at list 3 to 4 preferential Church Names that you wish to name your church with(This is needed for Name Reservation)

·        S.A ID Numbers of all the directors registering the NPO/NPC or Passports Numbers if not South African to be lodged on the church memorandum of incorporation.

·        Physical & Postal address of every church Director/incorporator registering the church/ministry known as non-profit company.

·        Contact details of all the directors - to be lodged on the church memorandum of incorporation

Should you have the above details ready then you may Register online using our online form from you may use this link to Register your church Ministry

Also remember to submit the following supporting documents to us by email.

1.      3 Signed Power of attorney Forms or more if registration exceed more than 3 directors

2.      Latest Certified S.A ID copies or Passport Id copies if foreign national.

3.      Proof of payment if not yet submitted already.

4.      If registration exceeds more than 3 directors you will have to submit the Form C application together with the above mentioned supporting documents.

To download the Form C and the Power of attorney use the following links

·        Power of attorney click here

·        Form C Click here

Send the above documents to any of the following email addresses

·        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once the online church application and the supporting documents have been submitted to us, we as the NPO Registrations Team will quickly assist you to lodge and finalise the registration with CIPC.

How long and how much does it cost?
It may take 3 to 10 working days to reserve a name for a nonprofit company.
It may take 10 to 21 working days to register a non-profit company.
We currently charge a fee of R1 199.00 to register a Non-Profit Organisation/Company. For more information please contact us on the following Church Registrations Tel: 063 215 9688 or Email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

To register a New Church/Ministry apply by clicking this link Church Registration Forms South Africa