What is a Non Profit Company?

A non-profit company is a company tailored for public benefit or other objectives such as cultural, social activities, communal or group interest. Non-profit companies are entities that are set up to assist and unite, to prevent the environment from any harmful cause and mainly to organise for a good cause; such includes churches, charity organisations and cultural organisations. The primary objective of an NPC (non-profit company is to benefit the public, not to make profit.

What can I register under NPC/NPO?

You can register a church or charity organisation under Non-profit Company. A Non Profit company is a company that is registered with the aim of assisting or promoting the community. It is a company in its own right and it falls under the section 21 company’s act. NPOs include trusts, companies or other associations of persons established for a public purpose.NPO Registrations.co.za

Can I register a Non-profit company Alone?

A non-profit company must have at least three incorporators/directors and may be registered with or without members. A non-profit company is not required to have members. The members of a non-profit company are persons who participate in the activities of the non-profit company, such as members of a church. Non-profit companies registered without members, may be registered with a standard Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI).

Who should be a Director or incorporator of the Non-Profit Company?

A director is the founder or owner of the organisations and at the same time the director becomes the incorporator of the organisation. There must be at list 3 directors/founders to register a Non-profit company

How to distribute the Income and Property of a Non-Profit Company

The income and property of a non-profit company is not distributable to its incorporators, members, directors, officers or persons relating to any of them and must be used to advance the purpose for which it was created, as set out in its MOI (memorandum of incorporation)