What is the purpose of filing an annual return for Non-profit Companies?

Nonprofit companies are required by law to file their annual returns with the CIPC on an annual basis, within a prescribed time period. The purpose for the filing of such annual returns is to confirm whether a non-profit company is still actively in business, or if it will be in business in the near future.

Therefore, if annual returns are not filed within the prescribed time period, the assumption is that the nonprofit company is inactive, and as such CIPC will start the deregistration process to remove the nonprofit company from its active records. The legal effect of the deregistration process, is that the juristic personality is withdrawn and the nonprofit company will ceases to exist.

Can I Update the details of the nonprofit company when filing Annual return?

Yes however only the following fields of the entity are updateable:
Email address - for communication purposes
Telephone number - for communication purposes
Cell phone number - for communication purposes
Website address - No compulsory
Business description - Business services
Principal place of business - The Area were you are operating your business

How do I file my Non-profit company for Annual Returns?

Annual returns can only be filed electronically via the provided application on the CIPC website when registered. NPO Registrations will assist you to file the Annual returns on your behalf. You may use the following link to register online NPC ANNUAL RETURNS.

What are the requirements for Annual Returns?

·        Nonprofit Company Registration Number

·        Details of your entity - Should you be willing to update you details such as contacts and business service, place of entity

·        Annual Fee - charged depending on the annual period. Early fee mostly is R100.00 annually.

Sign the agreement for filling of the Annual returns